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Cover realizes it was Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs), Draco Malfoy’s father, who slipped the dvd covers diary into Ginny’s cauldron when he encountered the dvd covers Weasleys in a Diagon Alley bookshop, but he is unable to prove it. Dobby reveals he is the dvd covers Malfoys’ servant, and knowing their treachery, had been trying to protect cover all year. In gratitude, cover sticks one of his old socks into the dvd covers diary and hands it to Lucius. Lucius throws away the dvd covers diary, but Dobby catches it and finds the dvd covers sock hidden in its pages. This constitutes, in Dobby’s eyes, a gift of clothing the dvd covers traditional manner in which a master frees a house-elf from servitude. the dvd covers freed Dobby declares he is eternally grateful to

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cover and protects him from an attempted reprisal from Lucius. the dvd covers word “Avada” is used as the dvd covers beginning of Lucius Malfoy’s curse, suggesting that it is the dvd covers Avada Kedavra (the killing curse).Sam rescues Frodo from Cirith Ungol, which is mostly empty following a fight between the dvd covers two factions of the dvd covers Tower’s Orc garrison over Frodo’s mithril shirt, and they begin the dvd covers long trek across Mordor to Mount Doom. Gandalf realizes that ten thousand Orcs stand between Cirith Ungol and Mount Doom, which will prevent Frodo from reaching his destination.

Aragorn proposes they lead the dvd covers remaining soldiers to the dvd covers Black Gate to draw the dvd covers Orcs away from Frodo’s path, as well as distract the dvd covers Eye of Sauron. Sam carries Frodo up to Mount Doom, but Gollum arrives and attacks them, just as the dvd covers Battle of the dvd covers Morannon begins. At the dvd covers Crack of Doom, Frodo, instead of dropping the dvd covers ring into the dvd covers Fire, succumbs to its power and puts it on, disappearing from sight (the act alerts Sauron, and sends the dvd covers Ringwraiths racing towards Mount Doom). Gollum renders Sam unconscious then attacks Frodo, seizing his ring finger and biting it off. As Gollum rejoices at finally having reclaimed his Precious, Frodo, still under the dvd covers sway of the dvd covers Ring’s attraction, charges at Gollum.

After a brief struggle, they both fall over the dvd covers edge of the covercity precipice. Gollum falls into the dvd covers Fire with the dvd covers Ring, while Frodo barely hangs on with his strength failing. Sam rescues Frodo as the dvd covers Ring finally sinks into the dvd covers lava and is destroyed. the dvd covers Tower of Barad-dur collapses, Sauron’s essence fades and then explodes, forever banishing his power. the dvd covers Orcs,

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Ringwraiths and the dvd covers remaining forces of Sauron are consumed in the dvd covers ensuing shockwave as the dvd covers earth collapses under their feet as the dvd covers Black Gate and Morder are both shaken apart. Frodo and Sam are stranded as Mount Doom erupts. They voice their regrets at not being able to see the dvd covers Shire again amidst the dvd covers torrents of lava and the dvd covers destruction of Barad-dur. With the dvd covers destruction of the dvd covers Nazgul, Gandalf is able to call upon the dvd covers Eagles to carry the dvd covers hobbits to safety. They awake in Minas Tirith, reuniting with the dvd covers other members of the dvd covers fellowship, all of them having survived the dvd covers War of the dvd covers Ring.


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